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JLA crypto has over seven years of experience in crypto currencies and Blockchain development. JLA Crypto believes that Crypto currencies are the future of money. We supply world class crypto currency mining equipment tailor made to suit our client’s needs. JLA Crypto believes that Crypto currencies are the future of money and it will change the way we do financial transactions worldwide.
Not only do we supply crypto currency mining equipment but we also develop Blockchain solutions. Blockchain can create value in business. And is disruptive with the ability to change the way we do business around the world.
We are currently in the fourth industrial revolution, with near real-time synchronization and immaculate security Blockchain offers allot to the business world.

Our Services includes the following:

  • Cloud Mining Contracts
  • Mining Hosting services
  • Retail Crypto payment systems
  • Blockchain solution development
  • Smart contracts
  • None hosted mining equipment maintenance and repairs
  • We are also in negotiation with a FSP to provide a JLA Crypto VISA or Mastercard
  • Crypto trading and mining seminars; and
  • Crypto trading signal service

How does crypto mining work:

Crypto miners connect to the Crypto network like telephone operators. Miners use their computers to listen for transaction requests across the entire network and assemble a list of valid transactions.

Cryptos are not sent and received like file attachments in an email. There are no files at all, only assignments of Cryptos made to various public addresses. Each public address has a matching private key and only the holder of that key is capable of digitally signing a new transaction request. Additionally, the request must have inputs. Inputs are the previous transactions that the sender is using to fund the new transaction. If you previously received five Cryptos from Alice and four from Bob, you can list these inputs to fund a new transaction to Cynthia of up to nine Cryptos in value.

ASICs are efficient, but they can only be used to mine a singular coin. This makes you tied to that one coin – and your investment relies entirely on the future of that coin. Unlike GPUs, ASICs are worth very little used. A change in the hashing algorithm can render the ASIC useless. Controlled by few manufacturers with a very high cost to design and manufacture a batch of ASICs. The designers of the coin often design ASICs in an attempt to stabilize the mining of the coin long term and keep interest in that coin.

On the other hand, GPUs are great calculators for anything, and with a push of a button you can mine a different coin. Now you have the choice – picking and choosing when to mine and which coin to mine. This gives GPUs the upper hand and can greatly increase profits. Even though only AMD and NVIDIA design GPUs, many companies such as ASUS. EVGA. and Gigabyte manufacture and resell GPUs. This creates competition and prevent a single entity from controlling the market. GPUs can always be resold for a much higher portion of the original value than ASICs. Bios upgrades are always available, which can make drastic improvements in performance. In worst case scenario. You can replace each GPU one at a time.
We use GPUs to provide you with this flexibility as the cryptocurrency market changes.
Miners check two things when they hear your request. First they check to make sure that your digital signature proves that you were actually the recipient of those inputs. Second, they check to make sure that you’ve not already spent those inputs. To perform this second check, miners peak at a public database of all valid past transactions, called the blockchain, to see if those inputs were already used in a transaction or if they are still available. Copies of this blockchain are stored on the computers of all Crypto users that connect to the network or mining pools.

Thus, miners are playing the role of bank tellers: inspecting checks, making sure all the appropriate signatures and account numbers are there, checking the customer’s ID, and looking for proof that the customer has enough cash-on-hand to fund the transaction.

How does Blockchain Work?

What is a crypto currency?

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