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JLA Solutions is part of the JLA Group that was established in 2016. The Group comprises of 4 entities, JLA Procurement, JLA Solutions, JLA Recruitment and JLA Crypto.


Information technology systems are used by organizations to perform various tasks. Some use IT to provide for the basic processing of transactions, while others enable customers, distributors and suppliers to interact with the organization through various communication technology systems such as the internet.

We bring a holistic and tailored approach by fostering a collaborative style. Our approach and ability to bring multiple disciplines together enables us to address business objectives of our clients by combining it with our  technical components. Our approach is flexible and can be customized to our clients needs.

We are committed to simplifying our clients’ lives and enabling their businesses through technology. We use our knowledge of legacy systems, and our enthusiasm for the latest and greatest technology, we’ve cultivated an approach to integrate software implementations that we like to call ‘Combined Intelligence’

We believe that software should make our lives and jobs easier. And once you’ve taken a look at some of our solutions, we think you’ll agree that it can

“We believe that software should make our lives and jobs easier. And once you’ve taken a look at some of our solutions, we think you’ll agree that it can.”


We are committed to simplifying our clients’ lives and enabling their businesses through technology. We use our knowledge of legacy systems, and our enthusiasm for the latest and greatest technology, we’ve cultivated an approach to integrate software implementations that we like to call ‘Combined Intelligence’.

Whether your business need is a module added to existing software, architecture, up-to-the-minute IT system, or a brand new responsive application build from the scratch, we have the technical expertise, passion and interest.

We partner with top software houses to ensure the best solution and services to our clients. We offer a world-class services to our clients tailored to suit their organisation needs. We leverage our past experiences, provide immediate value add and share practical advice.

“Combined Intelligence’ is more than a neat slogan, it’s also our mantra, and we believe in it.”

Our SolutionS


JLA Solutions partnered with ITR Tech and we offer our client the full Manage Engine Desktop Central solution. ITR Tech is the sole supplier of Manage Engine solutions in South Africa. JLA Solutions is an authorised reseller of Manage Engine.

Desktop Central is integrated desktop and mobile device management software that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location.

Automate your regular desktop management routines like installing patches, distributing software, managing your IT Assets, managing software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB device usage, taking control of remote desktops, and more. It supports managing Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Manage your mobile devices to deploy profiles and policies, configure devices for Wi-Fi, VPN, Email accounts, etc., apply restrictions on using camera, browser, etc., and to secure your devices like enabling passcode, remote lock/wipe, etc. Manage all your iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.


  • Patch Management
    Automate patch deployment related to OS and other third party applications and shield Windows and Mac from security threats.
  • Software Deployment
    Simplify software distribution to install and uninstall software with built-in templates for package creation.
  • Remote Control
    Troubleshoot remote desktops with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recording, and more.
  • Asset Management
    Manage your IT assets, Software Metering, Software License Management, Prohibited Software, and more.
  • Windows Configurations
    25+ pre-defined configurations including Power Management, USB Device Management, Security Policies, and so on.
  • Service Pack Installation
    Scan and detect missing service packs of OS and Applications and automate deployment to stay up-to-date.
  • Active Directory Reports
    100 + canned reports provides a quick and complete insight of the Active Directory infrastructure.
  • User Administration
    Define roles with selective privilege and delegate users to these roles for effective management.
  • OS Deployment
    It is the most comprehensive disk imaging and deployment features that supports image deployment needs both on the offline and online mode.
  • USB Device Management
    Restrict and control the usage of USB Devices in the network both at the user-level and at the computer-level.
  • Power Management
    Go green with effective power management by applying power schemes, shutting down inactive computers and get system uptime report.
  • Mobile App
    Start managing your desktops and servers on the go. Download mobile app for iOS devices.


JLA Provides asset management services which includes:

  • Compilation of asset registers;
  • Physical verification of assets;
  • Asset tracking devices;
  • Asset Bar-code / RFID tags;
  • Largescale asset acquisition deployment;
  • Monthly updates and maintenance of asset registers; and
  • Supply and Implementation of the DMS asset management system


JLA Solutions partnered with DMS Consulting and we offer our client the DMS Asset Management solution.

The DMS Asset Management System is designed to facilitate the full asset life-cycle of your assets from procurement to
disposal. This includes all supply chain, mobile asset verification, financial accounting and asset maintenance functions in
accordance with prescribed reporting standards.

The System is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing many automated calculations and analyses in order to
enable users without a detailed knowledge of asset management to fully interact with the asset management life-cycle.

The DMS Asset Management System is a web-based software solution that is designed to operate on any computer, tablet
or cell phone with a connection to the server on which the software is installed. The System is written in PHP and utilises the
PostgreSQL/PostGIS spatial database server and is designed to integrate with the GPS functionality of Android and iOS
tablets. The internet address of each installation of the DMS Asset Management System is unique and the address will be
provided to each user once the System has been installed and commissioned.

The DMS Asset Management System is designed to integrate with most financial systems. Our API (Application
Programming Interface) provides third-party financial systems access to any asset information as well as the ability to
update asset information seamlessly from their own systems.

  • pass financial transactions, singly or in bulk, from the DMS Asset Management System to third-party financial systems;
  • interrogate a third-party financial system down to vote level with the objective of importing and/or balancing
    transactions at budget level between the two systems


  • Customisable Dashboards;/span
  • Create your own customised view of your organisations assets.
  • Create assets directly from Invoices with a easy to use wizard.
  • Create assets directly from Invoices & WiP Balance Invoices against assets. Maintains all Supply Chain documentation. Upload scanned Invoices to ensure that all assets are directly linked to their procurement documentation
  • Asset Information Page
  • All information about an asset can be viewed on the Asset Information Page. This page is designed to show all details and audit trails for each asset within the System.
  • Assert Verification
  • Verification is “Live” and performed on a web server. The DMS Asset Management System has a mobile interface for tablets and cell phones that has been designed to provide asset management functionality whilst you working directly with assets. The System will automatically detect the kind of device you are using and open the appropriate interface based on the device.

Key Benefits:

  • Direct monitoring of verified asset information;
  • Live view of verification progress;
  • Immediate data updates;
  • Reduces effort and human errors;
  • Tailor made verification requirements;
  • Live data validation;
  • Audit trails;
  • Accountability;



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